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We started the process by looking at what we had in our bodega and just like treasure, we found pieces of confetti shaped fabric from the bias that would otherwise go to waste… bags and bags of them.


Inspired by a technique of layering fabric using see through material and securing it through some form of quilting, we created our own fabric that we have lovingly called Patong Patong (layering). We then cut up the new material into tiny squares and came up with this strange looking bag that we ADORE.


Ola Haus came in by sharing their braid technique for the handle and some more details you will have to see for yourself.

True to it’s name, patong patong Malaga yung mga ginamit namin na materials and techniques :) This piece is another triumph from our workshop.

**Each piece is unique & one of a kind**

Patong Patong Bolso Edition 7.2

  • Dimensions

    body: 14" x 14"

    strap drop: 15"


    Other details

    Lining is attached with buttons &

    is made of suede fabric

    Pockets inside

    Metal Zipper




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