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Eight million tons of plastic flow into the ocean every year, and straws comprise just 0.025 percent of that. But that hasn't stopped the straw from becoming the major focus of recent environmental campaigns. This is in part because, for most able-bodied people, the straw is something you can easily do without. Eliminating plastic straw usage rarely requires a drastic change in behavior.” (National Geographic, 2018).


The idea behind the use of metal/bamboo straws is not in an end to itself, it is merely a starting point. It is about choosing to be more conscious about the usage of single use plastic and being mindful about changing your daily waste consumption. When this habit is practiced every day, however small it may be, I assure you that it will make a difference. Once you can completely eliminate drinking from plastic straws, you can keep working toward creating a lifestyle that is almost plastic free.


Metal & Bamboo Straw Pouch / Set

₱400.00 Regular Price
₱350.00Sale Price
  • From L-R: Luksong Tinik, Walis, Sorbetero & Cobble Stone Print


    The set includes:

    Boba Metal Straw

    Bamboo Straw



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