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I proudly present a conceptual piece we have been waiting to launch since March 2020. The Diwa throw blanket is the result of the collaboration between the Nagbacalan weavers of Ilocos Norte and myself, Kyla, the Creative Director of Olive Tree. It took almost a year to finish, a struggle brought about by the pandemic.


Backstory: A few days before the lockdown, on our way to Paoay, there was already news of the covid-19 virus rapidly infecting and affecting the whole world. It was a time of great fear and uncertainty. It felt like we were all just waiting to see what was going to happen, how it would change our world, our country, our culture and our lives.


It was because of this that I wanted to create something that embodies us as a people during this time. Different walks of life, different realities, all connected by the Filipino spirit and our love for our country. The different shades of skin represented in the warp of the fabric, paints a picture of the different roots of Filipinos woven together by the colours blue, red and yellow twisted together to create the weft. I wanted the blanket to represent us and our culture of pagkakaisa, comforting each other through very difficult times, reminding us that our diwa or spirit is stronger together. So here it is, I hope you like it.

Diwa Throw Blanket

  • Inabel Fabric

    100% cotton, 300 thread counts lining in White

    Hand crochet edges

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